Kensington Kettle


Crackle!  Pop! Cheer!
Kensington Kettle corn is here!
Available at  *Applecrest Farm   *Marelli's Market   *Newfields Country Store  
*On The Vine Marketplace   *Trends Gift Gallery   *Village Market

Kettle corn is a very popular all-American popcorn snack!  Every batch of our Kensington Kettle hand-paddled by 
Scott Michael Brockelbank has just the right amount of sweet+salty taste.  Scott Michael started this company just one month following his high school graduation.   He saw Kensington Kettle with potential as a means to earn his college tuition and graduate with minimal-to-none student loan debt.   This 2017 fall, Scott Michael is a senior at University of New Hampshire, Paul College of Business and Economics and is already exceeding his intended goals.  Each purchase you make of his Kensington Kettle corn is crafted purposefully and with meaning--a factor we all can be proud of.  
Thank you for your support and contribution!

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